Dark Elder said: “The powers” created the shooting. The powers needed to fill in the blanks. Slaying members of the Rainbow Clan, will draw them out. How do you know it really happened? Watch closely. Explore. Why?

Who are the members? How many are there? What is rainbow mindset? What makes them tick?
Dark Elder comments: Rallies all over the nation, and the powers watch, listen, and take notes. Let’s get huge cards of sympathy and have like minds sign it. The powers gather signatures of participants. The powers are measuring the effectiveness of The Pulse of the Rainbow Clan.

Of course,

Dark Elder can see possible overcast ways in worldwide events. I listen and I watch the images on the TV. Now not paying attention to what is said by “mother” and victims. Watching beyond. The Skeptic is the Dark Elders gift. Pull out and look at the bigger picture with shadow applied.  Observe, watcher.

As time went on, I notice weird things. Hey, didn’t I see this on a Family Guy episode? What is going on? How can victims be carried away from the nightclub, yet there is the pink circle of The Pulse up ahead of them on the left. So, they are going towards the club. Strange. In broad daylight, the “mother” being interviewed has the lights of a studio reflecting on her glasses. How does that happen? The mother is wearing shades. She looks down and her eyes move with reading movement. The last time I saw her was in a video for a game show and she only mentioned having cats.

I am being schooled. My TV could very well carry a sign “Nothing is real. And nothing  on it to get hung up about. For Entertainment Only” Another freakin’ reality show. Didn’t “War of the Worlds” play it real for radio? Progress, but for whom?

I raise questions and begin exploring videos on my own because I want to know the truth, whatever it is. Getting older means I am willing to see the whole picture for myself. I have been noticing there are always clues just before an event. I think I will take notes.

But, this too, presents a whole new thing. Finding some details interesting on a video, I listen and watch. Then, they too, rub up against my grain with their own agenda. I wonder about everything.

One truth in all of this. The power of love is something felt on a soul level. There it is, then. If the love isn’t felt, it’s bullshinto. Thanks,  Dark Elder for filling in the shadows to make the bigger picture genuine.

And yet, I am the one not playing with a full deck, I can see why.

Time to throw a few Tarot cards from the full deck on the subject, I think.