I wrote this short article last night and posted it.  I still am so amazed by current events and I am looking for clues to help wake us up. 

Conspiracy theories are running rampant and yet they offer no solution. We see it

When my 3rd eye opened, reality I thought was real, fell away.  Look for the signs and what’s really true will wake me up to what is staring me in the face.

I tasked myself to see. I learned quantum thinking and it still makes my jaw drop when the truth of things confirm in real time. 

This might not be your reality, I get that. I    am a seasoned watcher and simply record findings for future reference. 

Read my account and leave emotions out of it. That red pill is easier to swallow when serious about learning the truth. 

Everything is possible and that is the first thing I had to face. I had to take what I had learned from someone else and examine the validity of it. I finally accept that anything is possible; especially if I wasn’t there. 

It is possible. I look for the signs pointing to the truth.

 I am in the process of unlearning everything. I have to open to connect with the new energies coming in. 

Makes my jaw drop every time. And I wake up.