I come to you today with open hands and open ports.

I am struggling with the idea that you believe without question, all the hype. I have said goodbye to friends before; but, never in this way. That really hurt.

I am NOT a crackpot or loosing it. I am not a radical. I am a little ole lady with a passion for our way of life in this country. You know, the one we live in? Red, white, and blue? It’s what one does that gets my attention. I file 13 everything else.

I have never paid real attention to politicians or the election. I couldn’t tell you what has happened before, their names, who did what. Who holds what position and their history. None of it. I couldn’t care freaking less! I considered myself a free spirit; living my life, paying bills.

I joined my circle of friend’s view and we tossed ideas around about what it would be like should Hillary get to be President. Yep, I was thinking Hillary was the 2nd coming for women and gay people. I was down right up until…

A set of words hit me and the investigator /cop was tripping. What? What if it is true? What the hell is going on? I need to find out. Ah, self preservation kicked me into high gear. My soldier said buck up and I asked my guides to show me the truth! My family’s quality of life is at stake. I must use my time to learn.

I delved into other media sources. I read countless emails, I researched the background of both candidates. It was then I uncovered some truths. But, who could I bounce my thoughts and feelings with? Oh my God, it’s worse than I ever knew. I was born on 4/19. Revolutionary. Like, back a few hundred years ago, the Revolutionary War began on that day. I always got that question right in school. 

Riding in my son’s car one Monday in September, I turned to him and revealed “I am voting for Trump”. The look on his face was one of shock; but, he maintained control of his car as he took in the fact that his Hillary-supporter-mom just changed her opinion. True story. 

I wrote what I found for the first time and people I knew came AT me. I tested again. I wrote again. I realized that it didn’t do any good to say anything. I found out that we are in serious trouble and everyone else I cared about would not hear me. And I fell back into a very old pattern. I kept silent. 

What the hell is that about?  What does that say about my friends? About me? Apparently, as long as I joined them, hey I was in. There is one major problem with that. My voice has to be heard, too. I felt like a boulder residing in swift water  where the river plunges off a cliff; I impede their progress off the cliff.

I don’t give a rats ass about Republican, Democrate, Independent or Green. I am an American. Period! 

🔴💊or 🔵 💊 and the 👿 suppository comes later. 

Are you still here? Are you still listening? We barely did an about face. Hillary, as a political figure, is not whom she projects herself to be. I saw through her facade and saw her true face in the very places she went. It’s what she did/does that totally turned me away. I moved through disbelief by continuing to dig through mountains of information. I owed it to myself to know. And I felt validated the day Hillary gave her 😈 concession speach.

She stood there, a day after the election; not the night of. She didn’t care to go to the place where people who believed and worked for her; were shedding tears. She didn’t do what every politician has done when it comes to loosing. Her people were hurting, reeling over the loss; and she did nothing to help them. She just sent somebody else to face them. Here she is now in royal purple clothes, and calling the purple minions to action. Which is why she barely gives the “protesters” some sort of context.

After all this and at the end of the day, I see so much more. I search my soul looking for the answers. Why do we turn on each other for people we don’t know personally? Why are we so invested in people we know absolutely nothing about first hand? Why are we so quick to swallow everything handed to us without question? 

Yes. I supported Hillary. Yes, I voted for Trump. Yes, I kept silent. It was a long, costly road to learning that I am an American nationalist. 

I raised my hand and took the Oath of service. I swore to defend her against enemies; foreign or domestic. And that is my party of choice and why I turned from Hillary to Trump. 

I am like America. Love me or leave me, I still look for what I think is the best course of action.