My views about being an American First have only intensified since my last post. I am a patriot and love my country. I am inspired to stand in my truth, trusting that our country will pull itself back together.

 It will take quite a lot to do it, because the ”Left” has many people believing all their misinformation. It seems all sense of rational thought has completely been removed. I still am shocked when someone I know goes completely off the rails and turn a discussion into a personal bullying fest. Then, when I stand in my beliefs, I loose them. 

What am I talking about? I have an example to share. I took snapshots of the final exchanges from Twitter. I have blocked out their name and twitter name.

 Now for a little background. I have never met this woman in person. I have spoken to her on the phone a few times and have tweeted with her for almost a year and a half. I lived in Denver, CO and she lived in Austin, TX. We are only a few years apart in age. We could tweet and agree on every topic except Trump.

 As we tweeted back and forth, I maintained a civil tongue; while she, has very intense language. If you’re sensitive to it, my apologies. It is what it is. Bottom line, she HATES Trump and this is very evident in what she tweets. 

Up until yesterday, I have chosen to move past her outrageous tweets and only respond to her other topics. This woman is a prime example of my friends ”unhinged”.

Reading this after two days of no contact, really got my attention.

 My reply: Do you think she just blocked me? Nope. Her response: 

To which I replied

: I can’t unsee what I have seen in the Democratic Party and all their leaders. With the MSM, they install fear into the brains of the people who watch.

She remarks about me being a “whitey”. I had to laugh because she knows my recent DNA shows that I have North African in me as well. 

It is my belief that the left recruits people from a diverse stock because here is what I hear. If you’re gay, you can only be a Democrat. If you are poor, well you must be a Democrat. And now these same people are finding out that they can be with any party they choose. I believe this is the basis of their Identity Politics.

I am an American. I stand for my flag, my red, white, and blue blood. I support the duly elected President and the Constitution.

Can we bridge this gap? Will we all come to a reasonable conversation?