How does elegance relate to respect? When I tell you about this incredible positive magic; you’ll understand how respect naturally follows in it’s wake.

What is elegance?

Elegance is grace in motion. Self-assured, peaceful, playful, and positive describe her nature. Mystery lives in her pointed ways of expression. Her unspoken standard is “to bask in my good graces one must know how to act in my presence”. She will reinforce by rewarding positive behavior exclusively. Ego doesn’t stand a chance in her world.

I know, right?

I take a leading role in my lesbian ways. I am an Aries whose pioneering fire fuels me, passionately and creatively. Seeing the “elegant vibes” coming from another woman, makes me stop just to take in the whole picture. I watch how she moves and how easily life seems to interact with her. Now, in this day and age, elegance is a rare vision, indeed.

She is the leading lady in her own life and remains even more so; when she loves. Her want-to-be lover must engage her mind and heart equally. It’s the how she says, how she does things that captures respect.

When elegance magic is let out of it’s bottle, respect comes from unexpected places.

by Steffie Rae S