Aries, fire sign, Gemini Rising, my 10th post, and…

I am an Elder and although my age would verify this fact, I feel I have lived this role many times. Quite a bold statement coming from me; but, I seem to have this connection to a vast store of information that is used when I need it in the performance of my skills. Watching a transformation of any kind, is more invigorating to me than money, or fame, or anything else this world has to offer. To be able to watch the graceful face of understanding take hold is glorious and wonderful. This Elder accepts all who you are and what you choose to be.

I have been able to access these skills since I was old enough to communicate. My friends are my playmates and fellow explorers in my world. In the old days, all the plays we conjured up and acted out; the wood-lined streams we played beside and jumped over during the rain storms; the conversations about life or inventions, opened the pathway to understanding my place.

If ever one of my friends went through something major, they would come to me and explain what was going on.  It seemed like instinctively they knew they could trust me to tell them the truth and show a different point of view. I somehow could talk them through the crisis, even at age 10, I allowed my heart to guide. It was so natural for me and wondered why others didn’t do it too. But, it wasn’t something I focused on until after I lived and learned more about people.

I have learned that I love to watch people. I will sit back and just take in actions, demeanor, how they act in different scenarios, and I think that is where I picked up photography. If something showed interesting, I would take a photo to capture the moment. I paid attention. I will explore and look for a moment to capture.

I have searched for answers to the question, where does my information come from? I think that it is all the acquired information that I gathered during my times here and in other realms. I read a lot of books on spirituality, quantum thinking, new age, psychology, detective magazines, and keep up on the latest technology and many times I find myself saying, I knew that. I love reading about how stuff works. Must be those years of observing people that might have something to do with it.

Last month I took a survey to reveal what spiritual entity I was in the past. I honestly answered the questions and the result? I was a Demon. I just stared at the word while all kinds of thoughts were bombarding my consciousness. I busted out laughing because there are people and ghosts who would agree with that result. It even makes perfect sense to me.

I am not evil; but, to those who can’t see my heart light think I am. After all, I dare to not do the things I “should do”. I am used to going outside of normal to embody my sovereignty to do what is right. So, I can see where my demeanor might come off as negative. To these people, only my outer self is seen and they just don’t “get me”. To those who can see within me, I am someone they love and that is so cool. It inspires me to do more.

Maybe, just maybe, I am a Demon Elder. I have the ability to read snapshots of future, an ability to heal long distance in dream time, and I speak with spirits. I have no idea when I acquired these skills, they are just there when I need them. All these useful empowering things are deemed as evil by some doctrines, imagine that?

Well, I did my imagining and I came up with this. The spirit in which something is given determines what comes after. I know that I have experienced a lot during this one lifetime and the people I feel strongly about stay with me.

My demon comes calling when I ask the questions no one else will ask with an innocence. My demon comes when I face someone taking energy without permission. My demon rises when I take the form of the person not present in the harassment being dished out. I know how it feels. I have lived it. I have earned my stripes. I will help diffuse and neutralize. This is my “Demon Elder” I embody. The spirit of my Elder status is neutral, warm, compassionate, and discerning with humerus delivery.

Have you met me?