Years of cloud photos attest to my dedication to this avocation of inventive delight.  

I unequivocally love to frame a striking cloud formation in my camera viewfinder. To capture the moment of a never to be seen the same way again image. 

I snub scientific cloud names and extortionate cameras. I endeavor for the pure euphoria I experience. If a nebula captures my attention, I be grabbin’ the point and shoot and usually focus through glass windows. 

The next phase is editing the image to highlight what captivates me in the first place. I am a self edified individual in all phases of this hobby. 

Sharing the final masterpiece is also a part of my cloud hobby. I post cloud photos on major social sites to distribute the wealth of my visionary delight. 

Every phase of this avocation is an ongoing lesson; and, a personal triumph. 

Revel in clouds. Examine what they do. They galvanize my creative self.