I had this feeling that my normal direction for taking photos of the sunrise wasn’t going to work and I must go outside to look east. I quickly put on my warm vest, grabbed my cane, placed a camera in my pocket on my way down the hallway.

When I got downstairs, I could see the colors of the sunrise hitting against the wave clouds to the west. I became excited. This is great. I opened the door and stepped out into the chilly morning. I took two photos west, then rushed (as much as one can with a cane;0)) and I was happy that I came outside.

First Photo I Took

I took more photos and as I turned to go back inside, I saw the pink wave clouds spread way up north. I took another photo. As I did, I heard a crow and it was in flight and calling. I readied my camera and snapped the photo as it flew through the frame.

The Wave Clouds Look Like a Phoenix And As The Crow Flies

I smiled. I flashed through the morning sunrise scenes in my mind and I read the signs. The two trees so close together, taking in the sunrise together, the wave clouds highlighted like wings, and now the crow (a messenger from the other side of carrying the spirit). The subtle phoenix reflecting the morning sun.

A total confirmation that you still live in a different way. We are still friends and I feel our connection in my world.


Two Trees Watching Sunrise Two Small Clouds Together

It’s all there. The two solid trees so rooted in the earth and two cloud eyes watching from above.

Thank you for your gift, my friend.I see your smile, too.

I decided to share my experience with you for whatever reason you needed to read this.

The Sun Rises and the Clouds Smile = So Do I