I heard your name this morning. My thoughts went to Facebook and I haven’t seen lions running down my news feed from you. Come to think of you, I haven’t lately.

I settled in front of my computer and again I heard your name. I feel you. I remember the last time this happened and I called you to find out you had been in the hospital. I now followed a feeling I had to go to your page this time.

The first message I saw contained an RIP to you. I glanced up to see when the message was posted. 41 min. ago. Long story short, you had passed away earlier this morning. Thank you for making sure I knew. You are amazing.

We have never stood in the same room, as you know. It was something we hoped to do and joked about it at times. We followed each others lives from a distance and we became friends.

I have spoken with you through messaging, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and telephone for over ten years.

We had a few common interests like bowling, birds, animals, women, and yakking about topics and causes. I liked our Reader’s digest conversations.

Knowing what I do, I am glad you finally decided it was time to set your spirit free. I am not sad for you because you are no longer in pain. I am good.

Those first moments on the other side must have felt better than anything you have felt in some time. I am happy for you. Your lover must have met you with your other pets barking around you. Kudos.


The service to creatures under your care was one of the qualities I like about you. Especially when you would send me photos of you and parrots. You knew I loved them because of my bird companion. They too must know you have transferred to another location due to sickness. I think they understand that, too.

I send love your way, my friend. I have an idea that you’ll visit some family and friends to comfort them as it is your way.

Marty may have checked out from planet Earth; but not from my heart of soul.

Later days my friend.