This was totally unexpected as I had already begun to shut down my photo taking session.

I took one more good look to make sure I had what I needed, then I spotted the figure so faintly against the cloud bank. I grabbed my camera and focused on the area. What is that?

I snapped a couple of photos. This is one of those moments that I can’t miss by taking a bad photo because I was shaking from excitement. I steadied the lens against the window glass and the window sill; then eased the shutter button halfway, then down.

Now, that should be interesting to see on my computer. When I get a shot like this, I have to be cool through the upload process. I even made myself review the previous photos of the sunset I had just witnessed.

Then this photo appeared. It looked like a seated figure with outstretched legs into the sunlit cloud below, acting as a foot rest. Looking left and right from center, I could see the clouds taking on a boat-like shape. The sun illuminated the figure’s face and the clouds above.

I imagined how our ancient Egyptians probably saw this and identified it as Ra, the sun god in his boat going across the sky.

Of course I know that these are clouds and there isn’t really a figure there.

Or is there?

Ra sitting in his boat up close