Sitting here watching CBS Sunday Morning and a thought pops in.

Silver and Purple 2016

👻 …violet and silver hair. Seeing my hair in my minds 👀.  I swore when I was younger that I would never have purple hair.

I have purple in my hair.

I notice a Walgreen commercial. My focus is on the purple and silver thought, so I don’t really hear what the two women are discussing. (I feel a tug to pay attention and my hearing switches to more physical 👂.)

Two older women with silver hair find themselves behind a younger woman in the cashier line. The young lady has wide purple stripes in her light blond hair, shaved to half way up her head and longer hair swinging. (It now has my full attention. Purple. Neon purple.)

The two older ladies watch her walk away; then look at each other.. Next you see them paying for the hair color boxes. The commercial picks up the two older women walking into their high school reunion and their hair is NEON PURPLE STRIPED!

I start laughing with the synchronicity of this moment. I could spend quite some time examining the possibilities; but for now, I accept purple and silver hair and poo on my younger self!