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Something happens when I take a photo of the moon from my window. Even using more than one camera, I get the dual image. In one photo, the actual moon is above the intense glow of it below. This does make an interesting view of a Cold Full Moon.

Thirty-eight years ago (that was in 1977), the Christmas morning sky was adorned with this moon. The next one will be in 2034.

This morning, I woke up just after 5 a.m. to look outside hoping to see the last full moon of 2015. I took these images of her journey across my sky. I am such a fan.

I can’t see it, but I know that NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is currently orbiting this Long Night Full Moon and has been since 2009.

The sky is clear enough to take these shots and I can see clouds moving in as I write. Soon, the snow will start to fly and this is very special, too. Who doesn’t like snow and full moons on Christmas?

Then the moon gives up the night sky and the sun begins a new day.


Just behind those 5 trees is where the full moon went away from view. Good morning. Welcome to a new day.

Welcome to Christmas Day. Happy Yule. Happy Everything to you from the changing universe.

The full moon 🌕 travels alone, and it’s o.k. The sun 🌞 travels alone, and it’s o.k. If you 😇 are alone, it’s o.k. too.

I just have to point out, this is truly a Cool Yule. 🎄  LOL 😁