I feel odd stirring within me while mingling within a group of “normals” who believe I am one of them. They allow me to move freely in their midst not knowing when odd will make a move. This “status quo” scene is about to be unhinged a bit by one of the “shake it up” gang.

Odd arrives in the form of what the Native Americans call, Heyókȟa.

Me.   12015125_951942041529740_4579540558966506020_o I have learned, an “odd” citizen is bestowed a power unlike any other. To be “in the moment” smart and self confident; is crucial to its delivery.

Experience has taught me to be light and neutral energetically. It keeps me cool under pressure. I really think this is where a demon of some kind is perceived. Oh, it’s not me they see; but a dark place within themselves talking back.

I must say it is very exciting and unnerving all at the same time. Some people’s children just don’t know how to act when it comes to odd.

Oh, I feel their stares (time to wave), hear their whispers (I go around behind and lean in to listen), and see their laughter (I join in, then suddenly say, I didn’t hear the joke). I never start a fight with an unprepared person.

“Odd” magic is working and in time, conversations will happen.

Secretly, I am what I want to see in the world. Diverse.

Oh yes, I am Odd. And I love “The Doors”.