I am actively pursuing change.

Growing into my Va-Jay-Jay With Phoenix Wings

Nothing going on here but freedom of expression (as if my tattoos didn’t give me away in the first place). As time progresses, the purple top will grow longer while the sides remain silver and short.

Hey look! I grew into my Va-Jay-Jay with phoenix wings a shining! 😇

I have secretly looked this way all my life. I had depended on other people’s rules for a living. Through their training and development over time; I hardly knew myself because of the oppressive nature of it. Being the creative, intelligent person in a structural society left no room for real self expression. And you know what? Despite all their efforts, I was still in here. Yey!


Transformation happens so perfectly. I gave myself permission. Why not go through life 100% engaged as myself? I am happy and I love to have fun.

Now you know what the spirits see in me. I am scary (I wrote about that in “I Am A Demon Elder and People Love Me For It.”)

I am a living example that elders shouldn’t have to be invisible.

It isn’t in my contract. I checked. 😉

Acclimating The Bird

Be yourself. To Thine Own Self Be True. Love honestly. And that’s what I’m doing. How about you?