My adventure, my way.  I totally get that I’m odd and that I am not everybody’s cup of tea. Sometimes it’s a challenge for a reserved person to walk beside me, I know. Some have difficulty with my changes for their own reasons, I know that too. However, I am here for those reasons and more.

I do unusual things with a “splash of humor” delivery.  I am curious about the reaction to my subtle “tongue-in-cheek” behavior than I let on. I see humor in saying things others are just thinking in the moment.

Me - July 2015
Me – July 2015

My family and friends understand that I do many things. And they laugh knowing it’s just what I do. (They check up on me to make sure I am still running on all pistons. 😇) They give me the greatest gift when I do something; they simply allow me to be whatever I choose.  They may not understand or agree; and, they love me anyway. I truly love these things about them.

Take for instance my newest chapter. I am sporting a violet semi-mohawk. I imagined the general perception of an old lady with silver hair getting on a bus. Only to squelch that perception by the removal of my hat. What conversations will be inspired? Let’s experience something different, so I did it. No job restrictions. No partner sensorship. And Joey certainly doesn’t care, as long as I allow him to perch in my space.

I envision longer purple hair than I have now. I am in love with silver and purple…so much so; I wear the colors in my hair to match my tattoos on my arms. My percieved energy is now changed; which is exactly what I was going for.

Now see what I can do.