Last night I grabbed my camera and headed outside to take a series of photos of the sunset. The wave cloud lights were being lit by setting sun; and I couldn’t resist the show.

Sunset Before Her Appearance

I began my photo session the instant I walked out the door. A few straight ahead, then moved to the front near the sidewalk. I felt a disturbance in the force behind me (of course I was wearing my Keep Calm and Use the Force purple t-shirt) and I turned to look because I felt something “not right”.

A feeling of slight mistrust came over me as I saw an Indian (like from India) woman dressed in a white tunic with dark markings approaching my spot.

As I moved across the street to photograph a different section of the sky, I felt her come with me to circle in front me while keeping a respectable distance. I was under the impression she was out walking and would simply pass me by and continue down the street; so I continued to take photos.

I felt her close. I turned to her and spoke to her about how beautiful the sunset was and smiled. She didn’t speak; but answered with a slight nod and smile. I noted her height (mine); long black hair, rounded dark brown face, and I remember thinking how out of place her attire was for my area of town.

I moved back across the street into my apartment parking lot to a sweeter spot and she went with me; but, slightly ahead. I raised my camera once again, fully conscious of her location in relation to me. I felt odd about the woman keeping her distance, yet staying close and circling around me. Why?

A neighbor in the adjacent parking lot remarked how spectacular the sunset was above us. As I spoke my agreement, I looked to the spot where the woman was standing just a moment before.

She was not there or anywhere in sight.

by Steffie Rae S