An Answer

A certain kind of laughter can heal quantumly good and all you have to do is Pay Attention. The light turns on, insight flashes, and laughter dances out loud.

Let me share what happened when I got an urge to read something; so I….

Opened my Paperwhite Kindle yesterday; and on the front was an advertisement for a book named “The Little Book of Wisdom”. I would have just swiped it aside to open my device; but, a cute, little, brown owl was staring at me from the cover. 💡 Ding!

I have a spirit 👻 bond to owls; so I tapped the “Read Me” button to obtain more information. The rest of the title was “Stuff you’ve already learned but forgot.” Just push MY read me button. Short, sweet, and cheap, I added it to my library.

I immediately opened the 51 page book. (The significance of the number 51? It’s the year I was born 😱) I’m reading the Introduction and read about how an important part of growing up – is to rebel against what our parents taught us. When we begin to feel comfortable with our identities, the lessons of our parents begin to bubble up in our lives.

Then a reference to a book called  “Get Out of My Life, but First Can You Take Me and Cheryl to the Mall.” My mind tweaked! Cheryl’s name was in the freaking title! I also had told her “Get Out of My Life”. A major 1st for me and so was the length of that involvement (Take Me and Cheryl). (She passed away not long ago and I have been filled in about her dark days and ways with others during her life)  I realized this is a message concerning Cheryl. I burst into laughter as I took in what led me right here.

The Wisdom Book went on to say ” In the lecture , Dr. Wolf (Wolf, I have a Spirithood Fire Wolf.) gave examples of kids who after years of ignoring their parents’ requests to follow certain household protocols, suddenly and inexplicably began to do what they were supposed to do.” Did you get the message?

I also got another message. Perhaps, this book too, was a message. I’ll read the rest to find the wisdom that I forgot.

I read the title of Dr. Wolf’s book again, and still laugh at “she who shouldn’t be named” in it.

Facets of life are done only when you say they are done.
Nice touch!

by Steffie Rae S