Karma demonstrates itself in the most extraordinary ways and with perfect timing.

All those things you say or think negatively about others, to others, or about yourself; will come back to you either here or the AfterThisLife.

A saying like “You’ll get over it.” said to dismiss and block out another’s view, will come back to you. And all the times you say it will magnify its returned effect.

You can expect that very saying will be uttered by the person who was most affected. You will hear those words when something else matters; to teach what the receiving end feels like and you will learn the lesson. However; there is a distinct difference in the way it will be said back to you.

When I said it back, I noticed that I smiled from my heart as I said it. Because all the memories about when you said it to me, went away with the smile.

In this moment I understand why karma came to call.

I am delivering the reminder you sent from yourself.

And the realization neutralized everything. Quantum change.

by Steffie Rae