Yes, I am one of those people. This one was as real as it gets and I paid attention to it.

One enchanted evening while cuddling with my black cat Osiris, I fell asleep. Picture the scene. Osiris and I reclining in a recliner with the TV on. I lived in a one bedroom ground floor apartment with my cat as a roommate. I kept the TV in my room because the reception was best there.

The dream. As my dream opened, I was shown myself asleep in my recliner and Osiris was laying on my chest.  He alerted so suddenly, he woke me up. (I have a knack for raising big solid cats)  Something was wrong. I eased up out of the recliner and moved into the center of my apartment where I could see all doors and windows. A noise at my bedroom window and two arms entered up to their elbows. The blinds prevented me from seeing the face of the invader. I woke up.

The feeling I had was one of premonition. I have been warned and I had time to devise a game plan. What was the best course of action? I knew where the man would try and enter and that he was at a disadvantage because of the height of the window. (I have military police and combat training) I also have this long wooden staff that is decorated with spiritual items and stone energy that was as tall as I am; and I would use it like a big baton relying on my training. I located it and “posted” at the door frame of my bedroom. All set.

SNAFU. So, the next day, I went through my day as usual. Got home after a shift of reading Tarot at “the line” and after routine things, I settled with Osiris in my chair to watch TV. We were just hanging out when Osiris alerted. Crap, it was happening!

Execution time. I eased up out of my chair and moved to the spot I saw in my dream. I heard the door handle move (I had locked it). I picked up my staff and focused on the bedroom window while holding the staff in both hands, ready for action. I watched as two hands, then two arms up to their elbows, protruded through the window, moving the blinds inward. I braced. I waited until I locked eyes with the man and I shouted with my command voice “Yes, that’s right, come on in here so I can beat the crap out of you!” And I moved towards him at the ready, resolved.

What happened then? Arms and hands disappeared and all went quiet. I noticed Osiris on the recliner in a now relaxed state. Crisis over. The man had left. Big breath to release any left over energy.

Oh, I could have closed the window. But, I didn’t want to alter the dream, I had this inner trust about it. I also wanted to send a message that this chick is crazy and that leaving me out of their activities was the best course for them.

Posted by steffie rae