Many years have been devoted to The Way of L. To me L is the colorful energy of my life spark.  Like one basking in the warmth of a mother’s hug, I live L.

When I began this path, L was an elusive energy among many; but I kept moving forward and came to a few realizations how to recognize the L  energy flowing through other beings.

To embrace L  negatively causes pain in the aftermath of presumption. It can make one feel so inferior with all kinds of energy draining feelings and thoughts from all sides of the equation. I have strayed a few times from the Way of L by stubbornly exploring brightly lit areas that quickly drained my reserves instead of nourishing them.  These “side trips” have been chalked up to working out some hang ups I had concerning desiring L from a headstrong state. I had been searching for so long that I paid more attention to the outside bling than to the inner landscape. Ahhh, L allows growth in mysterious ways.

When I embrace  L positivity; L  smiles, interacts, and promotes the feelings of belonging. The energy alone inspires and energetically enlivens the environment between seekers. I hold my gaze with another follower of L and just feel how wonderful it is to share in L, however brief. The feeling moves me to wink in acknowledgement that I too, am walking the Way of L. I am family.

 strikes so much uneasiness in nonfollowers; many try to use scare tactics in the name of the Supreme Being that actually authored the Way of L . We of L also have a purpose and that is to be true to our Way.

Just what does the “L” stand for? Love. Life. Lesbian. They are one along the Way of L.

Posted by Steffie Rae