Oh myyyy, I so made it 😉 HA! I lived through 64 years already, and in one piece, although I do make more noise than I did early on.

I woke up with a headache from wine and dine and I sat in the dark waiting for the pain killer to take effect. I looked around my apartment and my bird companion made a small noise as he noticed I was looking at him. I love that little white feathered being with all my heart and I am grateful for his antics in my day, even though he sometimes pisses me off.

In my mind, I ran through my grateful list. With each acknowledgement I relaxed and the pain went further away. I am grateful for my children and how much they instantaneously share their lives with me. I am grateful for my friends. I have a full range from those who cook me homemade meals to those that leave me dangling like the “Hanged Man” waiting for promised calls unrealized.  I laugh because they inspire me to be more present in my endeavors. I am grateful for my readers. 

I am very rich. My wealth is measured in experience and the love of both seen and unseen. I am able to share my wealth without fear of “losing” it. Now, that IS wealth in my book.

Sharing this day with you brings me such pleasure and joy. I thank you for trusting that being just you is enough to matter in my life. I am happy and you are like those crazy blazing candles on my cake. No matter how many times you blow out, you always relight in my life.

Posted by Steffie Rae