I want you to know that Lesbians do not go for you with a sinister intent. I mean, we do not hunt scared straight women in order to turn them into one of us. We do not possess vampire-like vibes, bites, or powers. Even when we are seated at the same table, our tendencies won’t just rub off on you. I know its hard to believe, given all the B S that’s been handed out about us.

I totally understand why you think this is our MO. While fear might be a factor (and that’s on you), I think straight women have been subjected to the smaller brain of the male for so long, they judge Lesbians do it, too. We don’t. Our quest is to find another Lesbian with qualities to match our own and learn about life together. We don’t have the drive to propagate the species; however, we do have deep emotions that run amuck on occasion.

Sometimes, even though we possess a primary hankering for our own,¬† our youngsters tend to get crushes. It happens. I know it might feel otherworldly in the moment; but, a polite statement from you will help her to get a grip on what’s really going down. She will leave you alone, if you so stated. We aren’t barbarians. Understand that a mistaken Lesbian is learning about her senses and she merely acted on her attraction to you. It’s hard learning these boundaries within a straight environment, and with a little ounce of humanity on your part, the experience will turn out just fine for both of you. Breathe and relax. Stay calm, friendly, and assertive. Know we really do only want a member of our tribe.

We are an awesome, friendly bunch. We have values, work hard for our home, we care about others, and genuinely want to live happy with our partners. You know, just like you do with your life.

If you have questions about issues you have, I am an open book. Don’t allow fears about us outweigh your curiosity to find out the truth…we are fun and refreshing to be around. Nothing sinister required.

Live outside your box a little.

Posted by Steffie Rae