People who hide behind concepts of old tend to bite the hands of those that feed them. Now where did I put my leash?

The whole “because you don’t believe what I do, think like I do, be with whom I think you should be with” doesn’t serve my higher directive.  I am NOT you and my mission is different than yours. The  “you’re going to hell because you’re lesbian” and “not in my diner, you won’t”  is a bunch of crap that promotes h8 and only serves the “Agressive Bullies Club”!  I landed on this rock because the High Commander told me to “just be me” with a calm assertiveness and that’s all. I don’t remember any of those people being at my briefing.

Again, where is that sweet rainbow leash?

Excuse me, incoming transmission – A few episodes of The Dog Whisper followed by an episode or two of 3rd Rock from the Sun.  Feeling in my right mind now, a self assessment to verify my mind matches the calm assertiveness energy and a sense of humor to match. Deep breath, ahhh.

I am in the zone. End Transmission. Return to normal function in three  two one…

Ah, found it.wpid-wp-1427671663698.jpeg

How can I help? 😉