A bully is the ghost of unresolved issues made manifest.

These ghostly bullies take advantage of the inexperience of their target within a certain social setting. They manifest to life through fear based, unspoken concerns or by taking advantage of the target not knowing what to do or how to claim their own space.

A bully targeted a member of my family. My 6 year old grandson was bullied by another 6 year old and when I heard about it, I must admit that I transitioned through various emotions concerning the details. I went into protection mode, like no one messes with my family. I experienced anger and then something else kicked in. I recognized the energy involved and my anger gave way to something better.

My grandson was assigned a seat next to his bully on the bus. Every day, for 2 months, the bully would go through my grandson’s backpack and take things from it. He would make my grandson bring him things. At home, my grandson would ask for those things without fully disclosing what was going on. The bully said “If you don’t bring me that, tomorrow I will bring a gun on the bus and I will shoot you” Thank goodness my grandson knew to say something to his mother about what that little boy said. My daughter took immediate action. and adjustments have been made at the school for my grandson and the bully. I made sure my daughter educated my grandson about personal space and about what he needed to do with a bully. As parents, it is our job to prepare our children for the next level. Who knew that the next level would happen so soon?

We are all haunted by these beings. This ghost is not real until the moment it is used. They haunt the halls of schools, the walls of cyberspace, and the places where others are enjoying their own lives without them. They hunt. They find out what our fears and insecurities are and they plan. We are hardly aware of it’s presence, until suddenly it appears, spewing out the very things we fear and take advantage of indecision.

Now is the moment of power. That’s right, get a grip and allow your life force to keep flowing so that you maintain the ability to think. Keep your body relaxed. The power to deal with this bully ghost lies in your listening to the spoken clues. Know that the bully has no power over you without your fearful participation and privy silence.

Bear in mind the bully before you is also acting out their fears or what they themselves were taught, or they use a smoke screen for their own secrets. So, pay attention and listen with a calm assertive energy and mind. Children tend to be cruel because they haven’t been taught how to act differently by their peers. If they aren’t corrected properly, this behavior will go with them out into the world and the work place.

Social Bullying/Venting is so “out there” now, it defies conscious imagination “in here”. The net connects and catches at the same time. Never forget this. Let the teaching be universally enforced. Thank lucky stars that a zap can’t travel to the hands of a bully via their keyboard. Yet! What?