When I purchased a purple t-shirt with “Keep Calm and Use The Force”; I had no idea at the time, how much this Jedi Knight would rely on it’s calm assertive energy to neutralize bullies.

     When I choose to wear it, I instantly relax and become happy.  I wore it today with black jeans, slipped on my red coat, Pride Bear Spirithood over purple visor (with bling, of course), and out the door I went.

     I walked about my morning enjoying the light snow, doing my chores, and receiving wonderful comments about my hood. I was asked by one man if it was pride day. I laughed and said, “Every day is Pride Day for me. I love bringing bright color into the world.” He smiled, wished me well, and we went on our separate ways. (Ah, a clue. Concerns a man.)

   A hint to what was coming. I dreamed about an earthquake in an old established building and saw bricks falling last night and I looked for signs in the waking world. Do you see the sign over my left shoulder? (Another hint. It’s in front of an old building. Hmmmm. So, some earthquake on my RTD bus. Y? Good question.)

Bus comes and I board the kneeling bus and greet the woman driver. Interesting, I have seen her driving before, took in that clue and sat down behind her. Another compliment from a female passenger before she disembarked.

Man gets on without showing transfer or paying and stops in front of me. The driver is waiting on him and he has my attention.( Ok. Here we go. Pay attention to what is said.) He goes up to the driver and shows her the transfer. She says something to him quietly, takes the slip to look at it, pulls out her puncher, and punches the transfer and hands it back to him.

He is clearly agitated by her actions and begins yelling at her about punching his transfer. Says she has no right to touch his transfer. She explains that the direction of travel wasn’t punched and she fixed it. (Ok. There it is, the beginning of the earthquake and the cause. ) The man continues to berate the driver as he finds a seat right across the aisle from me, and from where he can see the driver.(Big mistake. 😉 I noted a slight alcohol smell pass by my nose. The driver is still polite and maintaining her bearing. Got it. Noted. Breathe and keep the calm assertive energy mind. Observe and listen. Wait for the time to be right. Allow for him to subside on his own). The bullying doesn’t stop. (Bus drivers can’t engage per company policy. But, I can. The moment has come. Time to engage.) Is that a bell? Ding!!

I began to chime in to disengage his focus on the driver. I told him calmly that RTD drivers have every right to do as they wish to a transfer that belongs to RTD. She merely corrected the error, your riding now, all is well. I watched him turn to the driver and yell at her again about why did she punch his transfer. I said, she has already answered you; but because your ears are closed you didn’t hear her. He turned to me, and I continued maintaining a calm assertive energy and projecting some his way.

He said that he heard her. I said, ok, what did you hear her say? The bully was squirming now, trying to move me off topic by repeating same complaints, but I wasn’t budging and replied calmly with sir after my answers and looking directly in his eyes. He finally said, “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” I said Very well, we agree to both be quiet now. Silence.

When he rang the bell to get off about 3 minutes later, he said he was calling RTD. I said, fine I will too and tell them the truth. We both know why you are angry. You were caught with a transfer with the direction of travel unpunched and now you can’t use it to go back, I understand. (And the bricks started to fall from his building. The bully had never been dispatched before, until now.) He then stood up and said he was going to the hospital for brain surgery as he stepped off and headed in the direction of the bar. Go figure. Ding! Ding! Ding!! Game Over.

The bus driver thanked me for helping. I said that a person who bullies a driver for doing her job, knowing she can’t defend herself, deserves to be taught their behavior will not be tolerated in the presence of a Jedi Bully Whisperer. Thank you for the ride and have a good day.

Posted by Steffie Rae