I may have a head of silver hair; but, I am well traveled along the geekdom superhighway.

     I must admit, I have looked for a flashing SMS (Slow Moving Senior) sign for my SWS (Slow Walking Self) to use in the DSL (Designated Senior Lane) of life; but, I haven’t been successful in locating either of those things. My slow DWI (Deal With It) age is a work in progress only on the body level.

    With today’s technology in my arthritic hands, this creaking elder is a geek through and through. I find computers and gaming fun as they nurture my quizzical mind. When I acquired my first smartphone, I was excitedly showing a friend what it could do. After the laundry list of “can do’s” was covered, she looked at me with a straight face and said, “And it makes phone calls, too.” Geek check. We both bursted into laughter.

     I also know how to search for answers. My laptop went dark for good and I own a Kindle Fire HDX. I began to get bummed out because I also love to take photos. I have home WiFi and no way to read my various camera SD cards because the tablet lacks a USB port. So, I pondered a bit and came up with a solution. A wireless card reader. Do they exist and can I afford one? Yes and yes. I purchased a Kingston MobileLite wireless card reader. This solved my photo sharing needs. How cool is that?

    My senior friends know that I can help them with their computing problems. I love that I know their lingo and can help ease them into the 21st century despite their apprehensions. Although I thrive on the how it works, they just want it to work without the hassle. Where other techs fail, I excel when it comes to seniors with technology.

May the SMS Geek live within more Seniors.

Posted by Steffie Rae