This will be shocking to read. A reality check for my sanity.
I feel like I have a whole set of reference books that no one else has read. And I question, “Why don’t they know?” And it freaks me out when I witness the spark being used, abused, and tattooed for a devious cosmic carrot effect. Big Spiritual Bullies act out unbecoming spiritual plays from their own personal fear of separation! Neon Memo Flash Bullies don’t have power or authority over your spiritual spark. Ever. Step away from their trough and partake of your banquet in life. Do your own thing! It’s ok, no really. It’s ok. Be who you are with every glorious fiber and don’t concern yourself over bullies that fall out. Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders and everyone else like us have a mission to rattle those cages and shake the trees of hardened “do not think” energies. We signed on to enliven and we are very good at it. Of course they don’t like us disturbing their reality. The fish thinks it knows what’s best for the crow. Really? 📯
When I woke up out of wherever I have been for many years, I realized that everything I am into suits me and I cleared away years of outside pressure.
Demon Elder here. Now Read my beak!! Sin? There is no sin. That’s right, I said it. S I N. Three words are made from the word to reveal it’s truth. The center letter “I” and “is” and “in”. Without “I”, there is no vowel or energy in the word. I am not into sin. Poof! Think about it. Be free, go ahead, open that box someone else placed you in. Take that “I” out of sin and put your energy into live and life. S-I-N. Or, another way to look at it is this. S = 1 I = 9 N = 5 = 15 /6 In the Tarot Major Arcana, # 15 is the Devil card, which symbolizes something that you have allowed to sink its teeth into you. Looking at the numbers and applying Tarot, I get 1=Magician (Skill, talents from within) 9 = The Hermit (symbol for Self-Exploration. know thyself) and 5 = The Pope (symbol of tradition and maintaining the status quo.) Interesting isn’t it? 15/6 By the way, the 6th Major is The Lovers (symbol for passion and romance). This Hermit has left the sin building.
I explore. I am an elder and I still explore this life I am living every single solitary moment. It’s funny what happens living in the now. I watch an event and then step back to get a bigger picture. I flip it upside down to see it differently. I discover where to change the energy. Do you know that my name combined with” demon elder of variant” all adds up to 21/3, my lifepath number? The 21st Tarot Major is called The World (symbolizes “been around the block a few times”) and the 3rd Major is The Empress which symbolizes nurturing and natural. Now taking 21 and reversing the numbers, I get 12, and this is the Hanged Man, which is reversal, pause, and staying cool. The person is hanged upside down, not by the neck. Point?
I have thought long and hard about sin, religion, the way we are treated and I get it. The status quo is being unplugged and those who have had it easy, are finding themselves challenged. Oh my! We dare to question? And the bullies act like dogs defending their master named status quo. Then I questioned, what status quo are we shaking? From where I sit, every single one. The violence is happening all over the world. The status quo will attempt to scare us to submit as we always have. Watch and learn. This violence will be countered and the world will look for transition.
I think about the suicides of my people, my soul tribe In the face of aggression, I stand with calm assertiveness because I know that this calm energy defuses the dog and reboots its mind. I think about how some young girl thinks it’s ok to tell another to die on Facebook and then that person commits suicide. We have to be more than this self mutilation thing. Our tribe cannot be so vulnerable to the darkness of the cages we rattle. I know we are fun loving and these qualities work wonders. Why not be that way to yourself? Visualize the bully as being 3 years old and change your view. (I am writing a post about handling bullies and will publish it soon.)
So, in summary. There is no sin. The status quo doesn’t want us to think for ourselves. And we must rise above and move gayly forward.