I wrote this post a few days ago, actually.

I had the final edited version all written and about to hit the “publish” key, when the screen blacked out and when it came back, the new editor had been replaced by the old editor and everything I had brilliantly written, was not there. Gone! Oopso! The crazy scenes of my past that I found funny in retrospect went poof!. And I was no longer laughing.

There I was, staring at a blank page with only the title showing and wondering what the? As the full scope of what had happened hit me, I tried to figure out why it happened. Did I do something? No, not that I can remember.  Did my higher self want me to rethink the content? Maybe. I was so disappointed about the fact that I wrote a lot of funny things and now I had lost it all. Nothing saved. I shut down my computer and let it go for a different time.
What happened with the computer and the article is exactly what happens in life. One quick in the moment shift (the screen switching from new editor to the “older” editor) leads to an opportunity.

Someone is laughing right now and that someone is the older self seeing with elder eyes.

During sleep, the whole body relaxes and it is no longer a factor in the scheme of things. Mind and spirit then go to work, providing images for future reference. It’s like a reboot to clear out things that no longer matter. What if I told you, that things in the physical are manifestations of already made up minds?. When physical eyes open, the physical stuff in the personal space is merely the title of the script. Now is the moment for quantum change. As those feelings and pesky memories begin recalling what was written “yesterday”, intervene with a new choice. Watch what happens.
Why am I laughing about yesterday? I take joy in knowing that I actually noticed what happened and chose to create something entirely different.  I woke up and paid attention and now acting on what I learned during the clearing of the dream.

My point? Now is the moment of power and humor is a means. Energy flows where attention goes. And once my mind is changed, so too are the scenes. I know that I alone create what I experience in my world. Laughter is so amazing and healing when added. The vibrations of laughter permeates every single cell and places positive charge in the pain, regret, hurt, anger and all those weird times to instantly turn the sting into wisdom. I notice when I tell my past experiences, I find humor in the most unusual places. Maybe there is something to this. An outsider can laugh, why not me? Reboot successful. Thanks

My younger days began in California in a place called “No Tree Ranch”.  A parcel of brown grassland, cattle and horses surrounded this ranch. Smack in the middle, was a steel-gated large swimming pool with patio, surrounded by 5 large ranch style houses. occupied by family and friends. There were, in fact, no trees on the property. I played in fields of mustard seed flowers as my eyes swelled closed and friends would lead me home. I played fort and explored the stream behind the ranch. This place was located at the base of a mountain called Mount Diablo. I think there were clues about my life.

Fast forward to my dating days. My girlfriend didn’t think my Susie Homemaker skills were all that great and she had a key. Didn’t make the connection until I opened the door and realized that the apartment didn’t look quite the same. I stopped, back tracked to check the front door. Yep, I am in the right place. I was taking in the reality, when I was met by my girlfriend. She gave me the grand tour and explained the benefits of each change she had made. We sat down on my couch, and she itemized the materials she had bought sighting the bargains she acquired; then smiling sweetly, she handed me the bill for repayment. I thought, there had been no prior discussion about redecoration or about payment, as I reached for my wallet. Who else had that experience? Show of hands? The humor happened a few years later when I realized that women do this kind of thing all the time to their significant others. It was my first experience, give me a break.

Let me share insight. I do what I do because it is in my nature to do it. Beings do what is in them to do at the time, whether I agree with it or not. Universal Law states All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges in any way they choose, but no being has the right to violate and harm others. Furthermore, because all beings are Sovereign, they have the right to defend themselves from harm, using whatever level of force is necessary to stop the violation from occurring, even if it results in the destruction of the one inflicting the harm.  Stuff can go wildly, insanely, painfully, crappy and absolutely beautifully whenever and wherever. Stuff Happens. Humor grows a pair of eyes and it knows how to use them in its own way. I have learned that the only thing I truly have the ability to control is my sense of humor about what I managed to create. When I see the whole beautifully crafted way I helped to create whatever, laughter takes over.

I have been in those angry, embarrassing, outed, finger pointing, scared and down and out in Beverly Hills scenarios. I felt the pressure of “not complying to be someone else’s vision” and noted the madness when I did what was in me to do at the time. Painful, explosive, don’t know which one to choose breakups that felt like my very heart was being torn out of my chest.  And, I watched while pieces of “what was” flew all over everyone I knew and now I thank my stars that the Internet had not been invented yet.

This capricious sELF creates and this Self laughs with consciously aware abandonment. Together they act as eyes to really “see” the truth in any given situation.  Maybe, the “s” at the beginning of each self stands for see. Maybe the “s” stands for scenario, or spirit. Up to you.

Whatever you do, know that magic is everywhere and when you tap into it, great things happen. Like laughter.

Well, that was deep.