Have you ever thought about how age effects your body? I personally think because I have abused and used my body all those years, it is now paying me back in my older age. I can almost hear it say, “Just put me through a rollover truck accident to landing knee first on an M16 in the service, will you?”

I have been having fun dealing with an arthritic body that creeks and causes issues in my daily life. An arthritic body is a trade-off from Alzheimer’s because those of us with my type of arthritis are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s. I am down with that.

     I have lost dexterity and cushioning, my right hand has formed itself like it is holding an invisible computer mouse; and when I have a backpack on, my spine is heard and felt moving to the sway of the bus,  I figured it was time to make modifications to accommodate the things I need to be doing. I thought that it would be educational to share “my style” of living because it really has changed and yet I still keep going like an Energizer bunny. High Five!

I will mention here that I don’t own a car, I have used public transit for years during my working life. I live with my companion “wild child” cockatoo,  Joey in a third floor apartment that is reached by climbing 3 flights of stairs, no elevator here. Depending on the weather, I can climb the stairs without my cane. My family keeps track of me, of course. However, they respect my independent nature and I love that about my children. They know I will talk to them if something is amiss.

If there are any bad people thinking I am a helpless target, let me set you straight. I have a tire knocker close at hand, and I have three canes. I served as a Military Police in the Army, and that cane is like a baton I trained with and used for 6 years. I know how to make you loose consciousness and if push came to shove, it would be you that would be looking up at your maker. I am old with a touch of crazy and I know how to use everything at my disposal. I will deal with the pain later.  Enough said? Moving on.

 It’s grocery day. I shop at Wal-Mart online and they schlep my bags of groceries up the three flights of stairs for me. This service allows me to get what I really need, versus what I am capable of carrying in one trip. I use to go to the store on the bus with a basket on wheels, or just stop in for 2 bags of groceries. I would have to make choices like, can I open that bag of coffee beans to grind them up, or having to get a smaller container because I had the total weight to consider. Now I own a grinder and I can get the economy size.

After receiving my bags of groceries, I set out my tools that assist me image The tools shown help me open boxes, open vacuum caps, plastic type inner bags, and whatever else I need to do before putting that grocery item away.  The screwdriver helps me to open tabs on soda cans or release the vacuum from jars. The pliers help me to pull the inner plastic seal on things like coffee mate jars, or pull off perforated tops of bags off the veggies or something like that. Scissors cut open a lot of things and can be used to make holes.  Oh sure, if it will be awhile before I need it, then I won’t open it right away. Many of the economy type things I break down into portions and then store the smaller items.

I also have an everyday tool that helps me get into all kinds of packaging. This tool I picked up from a dollar store and it really does the trick. The spring loaded blade is great for plastic films and cutting duct tape and when released, it retracts into the plastic for safety. The fixed blade can open all those plastic anti theft packaging. wpid-wp-1418659596407.jpeg Did you ever think about things like this? Hopefully, better tools will be available by the time you get older.