In a tense situation, say someone going completely angry and others cower in fear or frozen in place while their brains slam into neutral, what is going on?

Look at all those vibes radiating out from the anger draining everyone’s energy within the space. Look at people’s behavior and tense body language. All those people are enabling the negative to continue with or without their consent. This is a low vibration energy and primal. Everyone in this scene instinctively wants to move away from the source. If it were a ghost or spirit, they would be called a demon. Same thing. This scene is one energy and ego is only one side of the dualistic picture in the laws of nature.

What would happen to this scene if a higher vibrating person stood in their midst and held their positive energy to provide the contrast? Say, a love and light behavior.

I found out that when I walked into a scene such as this, I choose to not respond to the lower nature. I listened to the words, yet remained positive and light. I noticed others change their body language and relax with me to take on my positive energy. (It’s ok, I have a source) Soon, more people were changing from fear to ease and able to move away on their own. Everyone instinctively wants to move closer to the positive energy.

I focused on the angry and on countering by being my old happy self. The anger energy can not survive in this type of energy exchange and slowly changed in intensity. This is using “duality” to bring about balance. Anger needs allies and it won’t find one in me for its use.

What if more people did this? 

Two fascinating things are in our favor. The first is: It is impossible to get angry when your muscles are relaxed within the body. The second is: Higher energies (peace, love, happy) will always balance out the lower energies. Higher vibrations will always balance lower vibrations.