The other day, I found myself standing at a bus stop across from Sloan’s Lake Park watching a flock of Canadian Geese feeding on the grass. They were just across the street about 10 yards distance.

Mellow, right?

I observed a goose with its neck stretched completely up moving slightly in my direction, and I realized that this was the lookout for the flock. It was gauging me. If you know anything about geese; you know when in attack mode they can impart a bit of pain on your backside during an attempt to escape.

I thought, what if?

I checked my energy; what was I putting out to the guard to make it respond in an alert manner. I calmed myself; totally relaxed,  continued to just be in my space while watching the response from the goose.

Do you know what happened?

The goose relaxed and resumed eating the grass with its flock mates.