After so many years of hiding, it is such a relief that I can come out and say, Yep, this is me. I no longer have to worry about if I am going to lose my job, or what others will find out, or anything of that nature. A big sigh of relief and now I can just write what must be written. I will tell you about who “me” is about. As I progress in the telling, the true me will come into one being.   wpid-wp-1416077096179.jpeg

My life has been three different sides. What do I mean? Well, one side of me was that person that did everything I needed to do to maintain my life. I got married at 18 and by the age of 21 I had two children. This was the side that most people know. Another side hid from the “normal” style of life. This side was a lesbian in a world that would throw me in jail for not having the proper amount of ladies clothing on. This person lived to dance, socialize, and just live with those whom I was most comfortable with. The last side is one of spirituality. This part led me down paths I didn’t know existed and propelled me into taking on an explorer side. I went where no one else in my family ever went.

Funny, as I write, different people come to mind and the old part of my ego is trying to show me how they will react to this. Like it is still trying to get me to hide. I must strive to get it all out.  I must do this.