Within the bedroom where a young boy was exorcised in the year 1949; a “demon” still resides in and around the room.  Still In 1949.

In season 2 episode 23 of Ghost Adventures on Netflix; the scene unfolds quite dramatically. 

Humidity rose 15% in the room in just seconds along with the heat raising 5 degrees. Well, I am not going to spoil it for anyone interested in watching. A new technology is demonstrated and has amazing results.

The spirit board is the key to the spirit portal which wasn’t closed and still remains open in that bedroom. That’s the issue. The door must be closed after the entities take their energies with them as they go back through. 

To neutralize the bedroom for good would take the boy/man with the original spirit board closing that board’s door and therefore the portal. I doubt that is a viable solution at this point. 

However a clearer would be able to accomplish this effectively. And the drama goes away.

I haven’t pieced together what the deal is about religion and spirits. Why does it have to be religious?