🙋 I can voice a pretty stirring account of my abandoned, orphan life by heart. The back of my hand will rest against my brow near the end, for feeling and emphasis.

Oh, poor me. I…

👻 “Ah, hello?”

😨 Focus.

👻 “I don’t see anyone else standing here but you.” 👻

😮 Say what?

👻 “The only thing you’re reacting to is the dialogue in your head and it creates your life even now. You are too much into yourself to get past the negative. Take in the view of what you are in your life now.”

😆 Right! I have experience in the field of motherdom that makes me who I am; a mother of the village. Being. I get it!

👻 “A wise woman with attitude. Be present. You attract what you feel.”

😘 Right! Now I drop all the crappola of my past, it doesn’t matter now. I feel more love 💜💜💜 than I ever imagined before. I am 🎁 and I belong now. Duh!

👻 “The past was never meant to be matter in the present.”

😇 My truth.

Families aren’t always blood related. Strong families are bound by abilities and capacity to love without all the frackin’ past drama dancing around in heads to sabotage.

I endeavor to be 100% real.

What you see 👀 is me showing up. 🙂

People do what they do and when they involve me (lucky them), I will read what they’re putting out in the moment. I will be accordingly present.

I see dead people all the time. They are the people who believe only the past crap in their heads is real. They are like dead people walking right through walls unnoticed in their present lives.

👻 When life leaves the eyes, the body has no other alternative but to give up the 👻.