As I type tonight, I love the idea I have about capturing the weather from a window. I have watched the seasons change from this vantage point for almost twenty years now and watching changes is pleasing to me.

I love watching clouds change their shape as the wind moves them along and the colors reflect what is happening around them. Colorado has ever-changing weather and can be extreme at any given moment.

So from this window, I now record what I see as the weather changes how people go about their day. I sit at the window when a weather event happens. I watch the snow fall. I watch and listen to the stillness.

I listen to thunder; how it sounds. The thunder changes pitch and tone when it becomes severe. So, with the aide of our technology today, I can capture everything during a storm and share it.

Colorado is a place I love to live on many levels. I grow here. Me, personally; on that I want to be clear. This state and its people are diverse and progressive. I like that in my person.

No wonder I smile.  This sunset was last night and I’m sharing the experience with whomever decides to open up the photo to take in its view.

A Colorado Sunset