Read this quote. This was written to a friend on Facebook. I removed names to protect their identities because it doesn’t really matter who said it. It matters that their faith led them to this point and the person believes this is the correct way to believe. I will ask you some questions after you read this:

“Hi, We’re not sure if you were going to come down or when and if you were going to do so. We will send you the key just in case. If you’ve made other arrangements then just toss the key away. You know that “R” and I are followers of Jesus and we are awaiting the Rapture. We believe it will be coming anytime between now and very very soon. If you call us and you don’t get anyone answering the phone or typing you back in FB or your email. You can be assured that we were picked and going home with Father. We are not in the house any longer. We will be sending you a key to the house so that you can at least have a place to be for a while until you figure something out. I’m saying this because you have kind of indicated that you were not a believer in Jesus, Father and the Holy Spirit and because of this you will probably not be selected to go to heaven and will have to make due here on Earth the best you can but who knows. All I can tell you is to find other Christians and try your best to survive in the house the best you can as evil creatures and evil men as well as rape gangs will probably be running around all over the place. There is also protection in the house against anyone that tries to hurt you….you should know what I mean….. You can have anything you want that we have as we don’t need it any longer so take what you want…it’s all yours to trade and barter with for food….even the truck and car are yours. Whatever you do…don’t take that thing in your hand or forehead.if you do…there is absolutely NO HOPE for you with God. if you allow the Govt. to put that bio metric chip in your hand or forehead. It’s like choosing the Devil / Satan / Lucifer over GOD and he will toss you away if you allow them to put that thing into your body.”

What do you think?

If you are Christian, where are you on the events described?

If you aren’t Christian, what are you thinking about the person that wrote this? Do you think them radical?

Are you thinking that this is an extremist? Do you believe all Christians believe this way?

Do you think that since the United States is supposedly a nation of Christians; we all believe this way? And if so, what is your image of the U.S. now?

I copied this and posted it to my Facebook as an update and asked my family and friends to respond. I tried to get an idea what people thought about it. Sadly, only a few responded, and still I want to know.

So, I thought I would place it on my blog. I want to know if this is taught in the Christian church. Is this doctrine?

Now, in my way of thinking, all of that is extreme and it is a little scary that someone could believe this way. I wondered what they will do when they are still here like the rest of us. I also realized that I am on the outside looking in and I am thinking that not all Christians believe this way. When I read it I was reminded of Jim Jones and Heaven’s Gate followers who were led to their deaths by this kind of thinking. That is why I found it scary.

I think that this can be a great teaching tool. We think, believe, and do things differently. Not everyone goes off the deep end within a culture. I don’t think that all Christians are a bunch of loons; but, I recognize it is this kind of thing that promotes shooters acting in the name of their faith. Sound familiar?

So, think about Daesh as it relates to the Muslim culture. NOT THE SAME. It seems all of the beliefs of the world has people carrying things way beyond what was ever imagined by their authors.

Think about it. Comment and lets at least get real in our perspective concerning the difference between Muslims and DAESH. I  don’t use Isis because the goddess doesn’t have anything to do with radicals and their religion.

Now, another thought comes to mind. If I knew this person and I lived near them; would you do anything about it or just let it go? Interesting.