My Card

Hello, I am involved in the paranormal and I help ghosts, spirits and people on a regular basis. I clear, bless, communicate, photograph, heal, and retrieve energies in order to harmonize a space or rescue a being. If you have been keeping up with my blog, you already know that I can be a scary person to be around, so I guess a BOO! is in order.

What is so energetically natural for me, seems to make others uncomfortable. Maybe their beliefs overrule how they experience me. I put it to you… If you contacted me because there was an unusual problem, wouldn’t you expect me (the one on my card) to show up? After I do what I am capable of doing, something else happens. I can’t even begin to tell you how weird it becomes. (Like, the “smile and back away slowly and maybe she won’t notice” type of plague.) Really?:? I can honestly say that I am playing with more than a full deck, and I do notice the increasing distance. As Sheldon Cooper would say, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.” Does it matter that she’s on the other side? 😘

On a serious note, this is what I have come to know. My bigger picture. There is universal consciousness energy that connects everything to everywhere; no matter who or what or when or where. Divine Consciousness is discovering its own awareness in/as all beings. We are the “how” universal consciousness gets more self aware. I can step into the paranormal 👻 wherever I go as this awareness.

To those whom have stepped away; on some level, I understand. I suppose Mother Teresa 😇 had people backing away from her at times, too. sigh 😘
Posted by Steffie Rae