I just love Twitter. Why?

You see, I know something maybe you don’t.

I know that when I type on Twitter, it is an opportunity to take on what I really want to experience in total freedom of expression. I experience like-minded people through my perspective. (You know, that dark soul that left harpy behind for hippie? Yes. THAT one.) I find the whole experience, therapeutic. It is because I have experienced the dark side that I can help build the bridges to the light. (I heard all that!)

Now, those who go on a “bad trip” on purpose. Well, can you say, unexpressed issues? Talk to more than your hand.  Keep talking and typing to find out how to stop your dark self.  Just be REAL, man. Or, whomever being you are right now. Not all people are psychics.

I think of Twitter as the world of unlimited possibilities, so why not do what is pleasant and fulfilling to me? So,  this is where I let me hang out and be enriched by expressing my quips. Oh, I do other things, too.

If you truly want to experience a dream or vision; one short sentence at a time is your ticket there. Oh my stars, I just realized it is a lot like those old adventure games I could interact with by typing commands. Uh, that was before graphics were invented.  Only, this talks back with many voices at the same time. If you need feedback; this place can serve your needs quickly.

I learn a lot.  I find it very useful to gauge my reactions when they come to the surface for expression. I have always been a “Reader’s Digest” kind of gal.  I made a good cop because I needed “just the facts” and have asked for the “Readers Digest version, please.”  So, the number of characters allowed teaches one to pull it all together in a 140 character sentence. I used to be Spock incarnate.

For me, I have experienced being stoned since I was about 14 years old. Cannabis is the phoenix in my life as it dulls only the pain of arthritis while it relaxes me, soars free thinking, and my inner self to come out and play once again. I love the freedom of thought and the company of others with open minds and find them enriching. I have been experiencing this on Twitter. I so loved the days of Woodstock where love-ins and music ruled and people just grooved on the experience.

Which brings me to another thought. Hippies were/are for peace, love, understanding, expanding the mind, and working together. It is our time to stand up for peace. Helping by example. It feels just like we were born for this moment in time, doesn’t it?

Twitter fits my life choices and inspires me to keep going. By the way, if you are following me, I see you. I hear you. I may not say what you want me to say; and, I will answer truthfully.

In truth. Twitter is a great place to interact with people from all over the world. To make connections and learn to strengthen our understanding of diversity.

What adventure will you take yourself on today?

See? Did I tell you something you didn’t know before?

My name is Steffie Rae “Smitty” Smith and I approve this message.